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Hi there,

I’m Wahid Siddique

Based in Sydney, Australia
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Wahid is an IT solution architect; he has been actively involved in many fields and have accumulated expertise and above all integrity over the past years on IT infrastructure. He was heavily familiarized with infrastructure and systems, with a unique approach to improving business operation, efficiency and productivity while retaining the practicality for everyday business.

Wahid studied business with a touch of IT at the very beginning of the IT era in Bangladesh. He discovered how to apply a technological approach to any sort of business; how to simplify work done and reduce human error. Always looking for opportunities, Wahid held on to key skill sets throughout the years, including an upfront and positive attitude, creative and flexible mindset, versatile and innovative ideas and most importantly integrity and passion in his work.

He has notably worked for renowned companies such as Vodafone, Quickcomm, Oxfam Australia and many more in leading positions and accumulated a massive technological arsenal at his disposal.

He is currently leading a band of tech enthusiasts under the moniker Krazy IT, which is a rapidly growing IT solutions company influenced by the fluctuating trend of both media and the fast-paced technological shift in the current world.